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If you don't know where you're going, how do you plan on getting there?


Ready to GROW
Don't wait for success to come to you? 

The only way to grow sustainably is through actionable strategic planning, we guide you to build "THE ROADMAP TO HOW", identfying key areas of opporuntity in marketing, channel / distrubution mix, merchandising and positioning.

Image by Luke Moss


 Our goal is to help you achieve 7-figure revenues while maintaining a healthy balance and clear perspective on life. To achieve this, we provide comprehensive coaching, consulting, and exclusive productivity tools to transform your business, finances, marketing, time management, and overall strategy, without feeling overwhelmed. 

Whether you need to rediscover your passion for your business, support in scaling, streamline your marketing efforts, regain control of your work/ life balance, improve your time management skills, or address any other challenges that entrepreneurs commonly face, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Jennifer Moon - Joonbow Business Consultant Supporting fashion Apparel Businesses grow and expand into US markets

About Me

I'm a product strategist, marketer and global brand builder, I have  broad international experience and I love to use data  to help guide the best step forward. I offer a wide range of services and products and love to use my 21 years of experience in Global Retail to help all sizes of businesses maximize their potential.  I live in the US, but hail from Australia and I married a Brit - and International business is where I excel.


I support businesses to strategize, and build success for the future;

  • Channel expansion with both experience in DTC & B2B Wholesale expansion

  • Strategic planning

  • Trend / product lifecycles and

  • Go to market development,

  • Marketing Review and Brand Health Assessments

  • Consumer focused DTC business with a heavy emphasis on merchandising.

I focus on supporting brands reach 8-9+ figures with my sweet spot working with brands who are already in +$3-5M per year. I work with you to catapult your business to a sale ready brand.


I offer a wide range of services to tailor match to support you where you are at & drive your GROWTH!

Joonbow Business Consultant Supporting Fashion Apparel Businesses grow and expand into US markets

1:1  Coaching

We all need someone to lean on and in business it's hard to find someone who gets it. As a coach I support all levels of business owners, starts ups & fully funded IPO'd brands. As a CEO, business owner or business leaders I support keeping you on track to build strategy, prioritize, and accelerate your potential.

Joonbow - Marketing and Branding Consultant supporting brands launch their brands and keep them on track, fractional CMO


Whether you make $10k a month or $1million a week a solid merchandising / marketing/ or distrbution strategy is integral for scaling any business. Getting the key functions of product, price, place and promotion locked in catapult your business or brand to exponential growth.

Joonbow- DTC expert, commercial focused brand strategist

Brand Assessment

I support you in all your brand related business needs tailored to your business; marketing, positioining, reduce your costs, increase your margins; assess supply chain, customer shopping behaviours, assortment reviews, product opportunities, growth strategies and product strategy roadmaps enabling you to focus on your business and get out of the weeds.

What Clients Say

"Jennie is a rare blend of commercial merchant and creative design talent. She enthusiastically takes on new challenges and has become a truly well-rounded business executive. She is a passionate leader who cares deeply for her team and has developed them into strong merchants and designers."
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